A foray into Blogs


Here we are.  Never thought I would be doing this but I guess there is a first time for everything.

My plan for the blog at this stage is to put down thoughts, opinions and rambles (maybe some waffles; mmm waffles) about two things: 

1) Gaming; especially World of Warcraft.
2) Arsenal FC.

Gaming is a hobby of mine dating back to my first Commodore 64.  Ahh, playing games that came on tapes, fun times indeed. 5th Gear was my favourite game back then.  These days I prefer to build my own PCs from parts, much more satisfaction that way.  Currently I primarily play World of Warcraft, Civ V and Black Ops.  More on gaming to come I’m sure.

Arsenal Football Club.  Never has a sporting team given me such highs and lows.  I started following the team around 2002.  It was one of the very first teams I saw when watching the English Premier League for the first time, and I couldn’t help but admire there exciting style of play.  Now I know that 8 years is not the longest stretch to follow a team – but that’s my entire EPL watching career.  From the high’s of the Invincibles and the incredible unbeaten season to the current 5 year trophy drought – Arsenal are my other passion.

World of Warcraft.  My main is Voros, a frost DK on Saurfang.  I have been playing WoW since release, raiding through MC, BWL and AQ40 on Althor (my first real character; a Paladin).  In BC I briefly ventured in Black Temple and Mt Hyjal but never really went much further; this was not a heavy raiding expansion for me.  In Wrath I have downed the LK with my current guild – Labyrinth of Lost Souls

Looking forward to Cata, I think we have a fantastic group of people who not only simply enjoy playing the game for what it is, but also relish the challenge of meeting new content head on.  I have met some great people and look forward to meeting many more.  Shared experience is probably the greatest builder of friendships and WoW provides many opportunites for that to happen.  Plus it’s just great fun!

I’ll be interested to see how often I blog, let’s treat this as an experiment; and see where it goes.

Hmm. I don’t feel a thing. Whaa…? Where’d those come from?



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