Arsenal 2, Fulham 1

>I have a friend at work who is an Englishman. Not only is he English, but he was a Fulham season ticket holder. He even drinks his work coffee from a Fulham mug.

He also came pretty close to having bragging rights tomorrow at work.

Arsenal are a team that know how to provide edge of your seat stuff whilst really not trying nor meaning to. One side of the coin yesterday was Samir Nasri who scored two sublime goals with some outrageous footwork leaving numerous men in white behind, and on the other, a fragile defence and prolifigacy in front of the net from the other nine outfielders.

Arsene Wenger is rightly praising Nasri in the press, as it was he that pulled our proverbial bacon from the proverbial fire last night. Hopefully he can continue his form into the new year. I can’t wait to see how a fully fit Fabregas and an in-form Nasri combine. Potentially one of the best midfield pairings on the planet.

Top of table Arsenal, but please help me lower my blood pressure just a little.



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