Chimaeron – seemed a touch underdone

>I mentioned in my last post that we were about to have a crack at Chimaeron. On Wednesday we had a few dummy runs to see how the fight worked, seemed ok.

Last night we went in fresh, having cleared the first 3 in the one night we were all keen to have a good crack at Chimaeron. Little did we know what was in store for us, what was going through the heads of the 3 headed dragon (?).

We had a quick chat before we engaged; talking about positioning and the best way to do the collapse after the robot went offline. That was simple enough, collapse on the druid with the star, who happened to be standing right behind me.

The boss strategy itself, from a tanking point of view, is close to being boring to be honest. Main tank stands in front of him and holds agro. Off tank stands off to one side and taunts the boss when he gives himself a buff letting you know he is about the double strike. After you see the slash animation, you (as the main tank) taunt him back. Phase 2 involves staying alive with all your cooldowns for as long as you can. You will die though, no question. You don’t get any heals you see… the healers go all trigger happy and start spamming (bring back the wanding days I say!) the boss.

So anyway, we engage. Off tank and I play a little ping pong with boss, we push him into phase 2. I die shortly after. Our assassination rogue then evasion tanks him for a bit (5 dodges in a row I think he managed) and then dies. Then the boss dies.

First pull, no joke.

I didn’t think he would be that hard, but first pull? Really? Possibly the new lootship? It was probably harder for the healers? Maybe I just simply missed something, some uber epic mechanic that bugged out on us?
Still, it got us all going and was a nice start to the evening. Atramedes seems a different prospect but still not that hard, mainly a case of dodging stuff. I will put some more thoughts up on him once we get the blind dragon down.

Till then:

Lord Victor Nefarius: Stop fighting yourself THIS INSTANT Chimaeron!



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