Experiment Started – PvP Leveling

I decided last night to give Antikas my, at the start of the night, lvl 25 Warrior a hit in out in the BGs to kick off my PvP leveling experiment.

What.  A.  Cockfight.  So I’m guilty of this as well, but 90% of people are in full BoA gear.  I don’t have a problem with this, but it just goes to show that there are a lot of rerolls out there, compared to actual new players.  That was the first thing that jumped out at me.

The second was the huge numbers of rogues and hunters.  Rogues I can understand as they have always been a popular low level PvP choice (1 BG had 8 Rogues on my team).  Hunters however seem to jumped up the pecking order.  At least my Warrior could give some back to a Rogue, Hunters however…. Half the time I just took my hands off the keyboard and waited for the inevitable.

Lets see, a typical Warrior v Hunter fight went like this:

*If* I happened to get the charge off first I did that, at least putting me in melee range from the start.  Fire off a hamstring, then hope I could burst them down before they launch themselves in the other direction with disengage.

If I didn’t, it was game over.  Either concussive shot or scatter shot would hit me straight away and at that point it’s over.  No charge or leap or anything even remotely useable in combat as a gap closer means goodnight nurse.  I could pop the PvP trinket, and run up to them, but that only results in a disengage and another concussive/scatter shot to the face.

The only times I managed to get a Hunter kill was charging a low health one and bursting them down.

Having said that, we did win the first BG I participated in – Arathi Basin.  The amount of xp that I gained was phenomenal!  Did not expect to see an almost full level gained from a single BG at lvl 25!  I only did a couple more and a run of SFK to help out a guild mate, but still ended the night 2 levels higher at 27.

So off to a good start then, in terms of leveling via PvP, but there are some serious imbalance issues in low level PvP.

Maybe I should roll another Hunter for this experiment…



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