Impressions of Halfus

After dropping 5 of 6 in Blackwing Descent last night in two and a half hours, we decided that instead of continuing on Nefarion we would trek over to Bastion of Twilight for the final half an hour and have a look see.

Now we had been over once before to check out Halfus and had some unsuccessful attempts (only 2 or 3).  Looking back on those attempts now, I feel we were largely unsuccessful due to the dragon hand we were dealt.  From memory it was slate, nether and the one that has the shadow nova.  Nasty.

This time, we cleared up to Halfus, getting a shiny healer staff along the way to find the nether, slate and whelps up.  After a quick discussion we decided to simply kill the nether, then slate then Halfus and simply ignore the whelps.

I was in Frost last night as we brought a new tank due to role availability.  Anyways the tanking looked pretty simple from my point of view.  Tank and spank the dragons then alternate on the boos when the stacks of healing debuff get too high.  Cake.

The time was about 10:45pm when we engaged Halfus for the first time and we finish our raids at 11:00pm.  10 minutes later Halfus was dead and we had cleared 6/12.  Halfus just seemed weak.  I was anticipating more of a challenge based on our experiences the last time, and was a little surprised to down him with little to no pain or suffering.  From where I sit, the Halfus fight is a little bit of a lottery (or not, now the world knows the dragon rotations) in the sense that depending what dragon hand you have, the difficulty of the encounter changes.

Either way, we chalked a new boss of the list.  Let me be clear that this was our first venture into BoT with intent.   Tonight we are pushing on and hopefully getting further.  The next few fights don’t look too bad, but then again, how many times has that been said before…

We made a decision to leave off Nef for a little while whilst we gear up some more on 5/6 BWD and 3/4 BoT.  Especially tanks.  The main tank and I have had a grand total of 3 drops between us.  One of those last night when our Warrior tank picked up the mace off Maloriak.

Still, all in all, I feel that as a guild we are somewhat punching above our weight in how well we are progressing for a guild that raids 6 hours a week.  I truly believe that is due to the group of people we have.  Looking forward to more progression!

Halfus: The wyrms will eat well tonight!



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