A great finish to a great raiding week

Last post I said that we were looking to push on in Bastion of Twilight that night and see how we went on some new bosses.

After doing some clandestine research in my lunch break at work, I was quietly confident that we would do OK.  From what I saw, both the Dragon Twins and the Ascendant Council didn’t look too hard, just a matter of not standing in crap.

The trash wasn’t kind to us last night, providing naught even a glimmer of purple.

The Dragon Twins, Valiona and Theralion took us seven attempts to get down.  Whilst there seems to be a fair bit going on in that fight, once you get the hang of the fairly basic collapse-expand technique on Valiona and stack and move (ranged) technique on Theralion the fight is pretty straight forward.  Throw in the somewhat chaotic transition phases where there is quite a bit of movement and it took us a few goes to learn it all.  You can watch all the videos you like, but you learn best by doing it.  But once we had given it a few goes it was just a matter of sticking one.

The Ascendant Council is a dichotomy of control and chaos.  The first phase with the fire and ice elementals is easy enough to control, raid members just need to be aware of what debuffs they have and what to do with them.  Burning through Ignacious’ shield as fast possible also seems like a good idea.  The 2nd pair of earth and air moves a little further away from control towards chaotic as everyone runs around attempting to get the appropriate buff.  The final phase can no longer be classified as controlled.  The tank is moving the Monstrosity around out of the defile-like pools like a madman whilst everyone else goes nuts on him or tries to keep everyone alive from the increasing amounts of raid damage been thrown around.

Fun fight though.  I always find my heart pounding towards the end of those fights where it’s a dps race.  I’m not usually a button spammer (unlike our raid leader, through whose mic we hear exceedingly large numbers of key clicks) but when we hit one of those fights I tend to press my keys just that little bit more.  Took us ten tries to down the Council for the first time, and considering that half of those were wipes in the first minute of each phase, I think we did fairly well.

So, overall we knocked over two new bosses.  That’s puts us at 8/12, and we haven’t even looked at the Conclave yet, which from what I hear is an easy fight.  Chatting after the raid, we came to the conclusion that hitting up BWD for the first couple of months and learning the Cata raiding ropes there put us in a good position to get through the BoT bosses much faster than we may have otherwise.   For example: I think the hardest boss we have done so far  is Atramedes; not that many mechanics but requires good raid awareness and coordination.  We have hardened ourselves to the trials and tribulations of Cata raiding (break yourselves upon my body indeed).

Overall, I think that was the best week of raiding we have had in a while.  4/5 in BWD and 1/4 BoT on the first night (including a 1st kill of Halfus) followed up by 2 new bosses in BoT on the second.  That gave us a return of a boss kill every 45 minutes.  Not too shabby.

I will write-up some proper thoughts on how the 3 BoT fights go soon, might wait until I have tanked them though.  For this week I was running as Frost to fill a melee gap.

Still, next week may provide that opportunity so look out for those posts in the near future.  In the meantime I’m going to work on some more screen shots and develop that section of the blog a bit more.  May hit up the PvP levelling a little as well, I’ll put up some more thoughts on that as I go.

Still pumped from a good raiding week!

Theralion: You are not the boss of me Valiona! I will engulf as I please!




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