Attempts on Cho’Gall

We got through to Cho’Gall last night and had a few attempts on him to see what all the fuss was about.  I think we managed to see him down to 50%ish.

The plan is to head back in tonight and have a few more attempts on him but here are my impressions so far.

  • He feels much much easier than Nef.
  • Definitely a DPS heavy fight.
  • I think we can get him in the not too distant future.

When we were doing Nef, there was al ot going on (what with 2 dragons, adds and lava).  By comparison, Cho’Gall feels fairly straight forward.  What we lacked on our first few attempts was proper control of the adds in phase 1.  We missed a few interrupts on their aoe and this pushed up corruption levels pretty fast.  We also need much better management of the bloods that spawn.  I think once we get those down pat, which shouldn’t take too long, we will able to get him down.

Tanking him seems pretty straight forward.  Most of the work in this fight looks to be done by the healers and dps to be honest.  The Main Tank and I swapped on Cho’Gall when we got the debuffs or soon after and whichever one of us wasn’t on Cho’Gall at the time, picked up the summoned add and took it to the back of the room to be killed.

There was a fair bit of cooldown popping, but that may decrease once the healers get used to the damage cycles.  It was also pretty handy having a Warrior tank as he could shockwave the worshipping guildies (in addition to dps fearing, CCing, etc).

We havent seen phase 2 yet (I’m sure we will tonight though) so I can’t comment on it too much.  But from what I have seen, quick switching to the eye stalks will see us through.

I am hopeful we will do well tonight, we usually pick things up pretty fast and have good dps and heals which always makes a difference.  So far we have had 8.5 raids.  At 8/12 down in that time, we should be due for 9/12 tonight 🙂  Mind you, we havent even been in to Throne of the Four Winds yet and I hear that Conclave isn’t that difficult.

Here’s to a successful raid tonight!



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