Cho’Gall – More work to be done

So, last night we had a full 3 hours give or take on Cho’Gall.  True to my word, we did see phase 2.

Unfortunately, that’s as far as we saw.  We are yet to see his fat, 2-headed corpse slain at our victorious feet.  Ah well, can’t expect it all now can I?

I stand by my previous thoughts however, in that he feels easier than Nef, it’s a DPS heavy fight and I don’t think it will be too long till we have him.

Our team last night consisted of the following:

Tanks: Warrior & DK

Melee/Ranged: Assassin Rogue/Hunter

Ranged: Shadow Priest, Fire Mage, Destro Warlock, Ele Shaman

Heals: Druid, Shaman, Pally

From my recollection of the meters, we had everyone above 11k, which while not extraordinary, should be good enough to get him if we organise the fight properly.  Remember we are all playing with a minimum of 200 or so latency and are learning the fight.  I am confident those numbers will improve as we get used to the fight.  There are a lot of strategies out there for this fight that suggest using only 2 healers.  Presently though, this would put undue strain on our healers, so we will stick with 3 for the time being.

We found that when we did push him through to phase 2, we were about 10 seconds too late, such that the add died and spawned bloods just as he hit 25%…

One thing we did do, towards the end of night, which made our life much easier was get our rogue to swap onto his Hunter.  This gave us what is probably the most effective CC outside of a Frost DKs glyphed and specced Howling Blast in this situation, a Frost Trap.  The trick was to place the trap on the stairs when the add spawn so that the cooldown was up by the time we were close to killing it and another could be placed to slow the bloods.  Slowing these suckers is key.  Without it, they will wipe you – too much corruption too fast.

Once we found that worked for us, we were consistently getting him close to phase 2.  Which was encouraging.

Afterwards, we had a bit of a chat and came to the conclusion that to even have a chance at practising phase 2, we have to learn to consistently get phase 1 right, which is arguably the harder of the two.  What this means is that once we are at the stage where we can consistently get to phase 2, it won’t be long at all till we have him.

Overall, I was happy with the progress we made: 3 and a half hours of attempts over two nights let us see phase 2.

Looks like Cho’Gall gets to live just that little bit longer.

Do you have any tips or tricks for this fight?  Leave them in the comments below if you do.



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