Raiding Progress

My guild, Labyrinth of Lost Souls is a 10 man organised progression guild.  We are not hardcore in the sense that we only raid 2 nights a week for 3 hours at a time.  But we are organised.  We expect our raiders to be good players, know fights and come prepared.

Recently we have had to make the decision to put in a progression raiding team where possible over a more inclusive approach in order to push us to that point where we can bring in new raiders whilst still confidently downing fights.  Rotating your team every week is a sure fire way to continue wiping on those early bosses, instead it pays to establish a primary team initially and then bring in new people once you have enough experienced raiders to get you through.

On last night’s evidence, we have passed that point for 3/4 BoT and 4/5 BWD.  With our main raid tank off on a holiday work conference, needs dictated we bring in another tank.  The guild bear tank very capably stepped into the breach and after only seeing most of the fights twice did exceptionally well.  We also brought in a relatively new melee and ranged dps.  It is important to note that these are not players new to raiding.  They were with us through Wrath, so they are capable players who know their class.

For the first time last night, we one-shot Atramedes!  Whilst a fun fight, it only takes 1 person to run sonic breath through the ranged… so I was stoked to get that particular monkey off our back so easily.

Last night also marked the first time I have lead the raid for the entire week, so a shout out to my excellent guildies who made that job pretty easy by being awesome!

We had some great attempts on Cho’Gall again, working hard on perfecting a strategy to handle the blood spawns.  We are now getting through the first 2 adds with no trouble.  DPS and CC on the adds was good and Cho’Gall was receiving adequate attention as well.  Where we still need some work is the 3rd add spawn.  At our current DPS levels we are looking at pushing him over the magical 25% mark with either the 4th add alive or after dealing with the 4th add’s bloods.  So some more work to be done there.

Thanks go to our Shadow Priest, for spending some time since last week working through our strategy and coming up with some impressive ideas to help out.

Soon we will drop in at the Throne of the Four Winds and check Conclave off our list, but we are sticking with Cho’Gall for the moment.



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