Screen Shot Spotting

As I continue to develop my gallery of screen shots, I realise that my approach is random.  There is no plan, no objective other than the taking of screen shots for the enjoyment of myself and others.

Where would I like to take it, I’m not sure.  It seems as though there is a gap in the panorama scene so I will start plugging away at that and see what happens.  I have created a new page and added 2 panoramas already so I encourage you go check them out – Panoramas.  I would love to put up some shots that people really want to see, so if you have any burning desires for something in particular I can do my best to meet your needs.  Just leave a comment either here or on the panoramas page.

Another direction I am considering but will require a little more work is reworking some of my shots to be effective desktop backgrounds available for download.  Most of what I can see out there is not what I prefer as a desktop wallpaper, so maybe I can sort something out.  Once again, if you have any shots you love so far that I can try and adjust for you, let me know.  Haven’t tried this before so I can’t ensure success, but I am keen to try!

Once the collection becomes too large for its current setup I will look at setting up some pages that organise the shots a bit better.  Tagging will also allow searching of images so I will start work on that at some point as well.

One other thing to mention: around the inter-web there are a number of articles written about video games (and as part of that screen shots) as art.  I’m not going to dive into this right now (a post for another day maybe), but I will say that I believe there is artistic merit to be found in screen shots.  The essence of what you are attempting to convey to your audience in a screen shot is similar if not the same as, photography.  And that is certainly considered art, so why not screen shots?

Some food for thought at any rate.

Till next time,



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