Wanted: My Pants.

So there I was minding my own business…


Well actually I was looking after some Netherwing business; something to do with clearing out pesky beasties from a mine and collecting discarded mining carts or something.  Eh who really cares as long as they up my reputation right?

When BOOM, I looked down and almost fell over…  I couldn’t see my pants!  Now just to clarify, I couldn’t see see my legs or other more um delicate appendages either.   After thinking for a while about whether or not I could sit down (considering my butt had mysteriously vanished as well) I decided to set out to find my pants.  I mean what is a man without his pants?  No man at all is what!

Just so you all have an idea of the horror I felt upon seeing my pantlessedness, well… here it its (warning: viewer discretion is advised):

How would that make you feel, to discover that your pants were gone.  I mean come on, who steals a man’s pants?


Then it hit me.


Gorosh had struck again!  That sneaky orc had ventured out from his run down hovel in the twilight highlands to steal my pants!  Boy was I mad.  I dug up my old picture of him to start billboarding in the hope that someone could help me find my pants!  On a side note, how does he do it?  I mean I was wearing a belt and everything!

So far, no luck.  I am still wandering around without my pants.  Even @Magmaw laughed at me the other night 😦

If you know where to find my pants, or hell even have a spare pair I could borrow for a while, please let me know.

Till next time,

The man with no pants, V.


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