Healed my first Heroic the other day…

And of course it was Grim Batol….

There I was on my Resto Shammy, Mashan – who wasn’t even fully decked out in healing gear let alone ilevel 333 gear.  Levelling as Enhancement seems to leave one a little short on useful healing pieces.

Anyway, I came in to help out my GM who was on an alt and having some issues with his PUG.  From memory he had gone through 2 tanks, the healer left after the 2nd and the other 2 dps were sub-par.

So in came Glowberry and I to sort things out.

Morrin, Glow’s little dwarf prot paladin was our tank.  One thing that does help when starting out healing is having a group of guildies, or at least a majority as in my case.

Despite our 2 PUG dps not really knowing the fights and not bothering to ask, we had no real trouble getting to Erudax apart from a few wipes on Drahga where our friendly PUGs didnt run away from the flaming spirits.

However Erudax is, like our Australian economy (so the pollies keep telling us and was at 105.9USD last time I checked :P),  a 2 track fight.  If you handle the summoned Faceless Corrupters, then the fight is pretty simple.  Heal people, displel them if they get caught in Blinding Shadows and make sure to stand in the eye of Shadow Gale.

If you fail to dps the adds and they break the eggs it is very much a different fight.  For a geared healer it might not have been so much of a problem, but for poor Mashan it was problematic.  I could simply not keep people up with the whelps casting on us.  Especially if some were released in the first pair of adds.  It just increased the damage output beyond the level of my healing output (ability?).

So we spent a bit wiping on Erudax.  After a while our PUG dps volunteered to leave, which was great.  In came 2 more guild dps and down went the adds.  No whelps.  Erudax died first attempt.

Yes, I know this an old shot.

Whilst it was frustrating at times, I honestly didn’t mind healing again.  I haven’t done any serious healing since my Vanilla days on my Paladin Althorr, so a change of role was fun.

I guess the plan for Mashan is to gear him up to be a backup raid healer for the guild.  I think I need some more practice before I’m ready for that though.

I’ll just have to hit up Morrin and my GM’s main for some more runs I think. Up for it guys?

Till next time,



One response to “Healed my first Heroic the other day…

  • Glowberry

    Up for it again? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. 🙂
    I would much rather wipe ten times with guildies than once in a pug.

    Anyway, I have a deeply biassed/vested interest: I need much more practice on Morrin, so any poor, hapless (maybe even desperate?) healer willing to try healing her is a good thing. 😉

    Even if I do ask if it’s okay to CC three mobs and heal and interrupt all at once. Shaman can do that, right?

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