Blog Update & Cho’Gall Down!

Just a quick note to say I haven’t forgotten about blogging!  I have been super busy lately and just haven’t been able to find the time to write.  However, me and my guild just downed Cho’Gall the other night so expect to see a write up of that in the near future including our successful strategy!

I have added a new panorama to the page, ‘Rising Souls’, s0 be sure to check that out.

I will also post some thoughts about the new 4.1 patch in the near future.  Including our musings on getting the new Amani Battle Bear.

Keep the faith, content will return soon!

To tide you over, here is a quick screenie:

Labyrinth of Lost Souls Cho'Gall Kill 28 April 2011

And now:

Nefarian Waits

Until next time,



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