4.2 Raid Nerfs and the Drive to Finish 4.1

With the blue post the other day on the upcoming 20% or so nerf across the board to the current raiding tier that will arrive with 4.2, I wanted more than ever to knock over the current three raids.

Until last night we had managed to finish BoT and down Heroic Halfus.  We had a few nights on Nef, the best of which produced an 18% attempt.  We killed him and his undead consort last night which was extremely satisfying, especially as it will be much easier in the not too distant future.  We should be heading into Throne of the Four Winds tonight so start working on Conclave and Al’Akir tonight, hopefully getting them done before 4.2 hits as well.

I guess that as a guild we feel we are skilled enough to be finishing raiding content at the appropriate level.  Although we didn’t kill the Lich King until the 30% buff, we also didn’t really start raiding until the 15% buff was in place.  Now that we are hitting raid content with some guild raiding experience, we are doing ok.  We only raid two nights a week, so I don’t expect us to be at the forefront of server kills, and to be honest I don’t have or want to put in the time to make that happen.

There is still a desire to be able to say we killed Cho’Gall, Nefarian and company before the nerfs hit though.  Is that elitism?  I don’t think so, at worst it’s pride in an accomplishment.  Sure it may not matter for some when they kill a given boss, but not everyone plays for the same reason right?

I get satisfaction in WoW these days from working on, improving on and finally killing a progression raid boss (the occasional blitz through old content is also fun! See the train below).  Being able to test myself in the knowledge that I was good enough to do the fights before the nerfs is great.  It’s not a yardstick against which I measure other players, but one I use to measure myself.

Having said all that, I think that the changes are a good thing.  World of Warcraft has a player base of some 11.5 million people.  Despite what you may think of the rate of content roll outs or the difficulty level of raids, it is pointless to design and implement tiers and tiers of raid content for only 10% of that 11.5 million (or whatever).

Most players who feel that having others complete content at a decreased difficulty have either completed and shouldn’t care who else completes it.  If they really want to play mind games then they can point to their achievement date.  These people will move on to the new raid content, safe in the knowledge that they are once again ahead of the those who follow behind.

Allowing a wider player base to experience content allows them to experience the game fully.  They see the lore, they get to see what the end-game is all about that they get to enhance their character.  This is not a privilege for a select few, nor should it ever be.

Ultimately, Blizzard’s aim is to make money.  Not make a game for only a few.  To do that, they need the maximum number of players to keep playing (and paying).  These changes are simply a way to keep dangling that shiny purple carrot.

Till next time,



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