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If only these were the new WoW graphics…

By now, most of you who read sites such as MMO-Champion or the WoW site itself will have seen the three digital landscape images that Blizzard have posted in their Burning Crusade Artwork section.

For those of you who haven’t, here they are:

Hellfire Peninsula

The Blasted Lands


Now I don’t know about you, but if I logged onto WoW and zoned into a world that actually looked like this, I would just about wet myself.  These images are simply gorgeous.  I am usually a bit ho-hum about some of the art that Blizz puts up on the site but these are a cut above the norm.

Imagine the screen shot potential with visuals like these…  I think I may just go and put these on a rotating set of three for my desktop background, replacing my current General Vezax panorama.  Please, please, please Blizzard will you produce some more of these!  They remind me of some of the digital landscapes to found on sites such as Deviant Art, which by the way if you haven’t spent a good few hours browsing, you most certainly should.

If one day in the future you decide to overhaul WoW’s ageing graphics engine Blizzard, please make it look like this (or at the very least like your cinematics!).

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