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MMO update

N.B: another Firefall vid, a 2nd Secret World trailer and some Wildstar alpha gameplay footage added!

So now that PAX and Gamescom are done and dusted, its time for a very quick review of some of the MMOs that I have been keeping tabs on.

If you remember from my previous post on this (if you never saw that one find it here) I was tracking games like Guild Wars 2, Firefall, The Secret World and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

This post will give you a bit more of a taste of a couple of those as well as introduce a newly announced MMO that I would encourage you to have a look at: Wildstar.

Here’s a few promo vids to tickle your tastebuds:


This game is being developed by a new group called Carbine Studios, staffed with a bunch of MMO developers from around the industry and has a heavy fan influence.  Features such as double jump and limited sprint have all been incorporated at fans’ request.  With quest text limited to 140 characters ala Twitter, this is one to look out for if you are not a heavy quest text (read lore) driven MMOer.  Note the gameplay footage is reported to be at an alpha release stage.

The Secret World

I have already signed up for the Beta – check out their website for further info.  P.S. I am going Templar!


OK, I am genuinely excited about this one.  Created by some former Blizzard employees, I think the art direction looks great, and some of the gameplay elements (Tribes baby!) look fantastic.  Oh, did I mention it’s Free-to-Play?

Guild Wars 2

This one shows some of the character creation, early questing and one of the Dragon Champion boss fights; Tequatl the Sunless.

I am a little less excited about SWOTR now that it isn’t being released here in Australia at launch.  Will revisit it once we have a confirmed release date over here.

Till next time,



Huge Panorama Update!

Ok well I count 11 new ones as huge…

Here is a taster:

For the rest, make sure you check out the Panoramas page.


An Ode to SexLeg

Lord Rhyolith a.k.a. SexLeg

Ahh SexLeg.

Forever shall I hammer away at your leg

Though I shall not give in and beg.

For even though you turn like a truck

And your mechanics sometimes really suck

It seems you are worth some valour and some rep

Moving us closer to Rag, just one more step.


Ahh SexLeg; be it left or right,

Your leg shall be the target of my attention this night.

When you fire a volcano just after you pass it by,

I will smile a smile quite wry

And simply hammer once more at that leg labelled left;

Till you fall – once more your loot bereft.


Recent panoramas + some new ones

Hi again,

Thought I would put some of the more recent panoramas plus some new ones I have put together in a neat post for you all to see.  Remember that I am happy to take requests and am always on the lookout for some new spots that I haven’t thought of yet!

Hope you enjoy.



I have a decision to make.

Voros is currently living out my digital life on Azeroth as a Worgen.

I now don’t like being a Worgen.

So I have a decision to make.

I have paid for and now have a race change sitting there, just waiting for me to make this decision.

What do I do….  Voros was once a Draeni male, and I have never played a main character who is female.  Here are my thoughts:

  • Worgen look stupid when you have helm graphics turned on.
  • The sniffing is irritating.
  • The whimper when I get crit makes me feel like I have kicked a puppy.
  • My Shadowed Unit Frames does not let me properly project a 3D head, it forces me to look at a tiny full body model of myself – which looks stupid.
  • Race changing to a female probably means a name change.  Not sure I am comfortable with that.
  • Human males run like they have a pole up their arse, but their racials are great.
  • Male Night Elves also run funny, have floppy ears and arms which look too long (imho).
  • Gnomes are Gnomes.
  • Dwarves; well who wants to be a nugget?
  • Female Night Elves are ok – although female.
  • Female Draeni are also ok.
  • Male Draeni are ok
  • Female Humans are almost bearable.
So, here is my question.  What would you choose?  Pick one of the options below and lets see what the general consensus is.

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