I have a decision to make.

Voros is currently living out my digital life on Azeroth as a Worgen.

I now don’t like being a Worgen.

So I have a decision to make.

I have paid for and now have a race change sitting there, just waiting for me to make this decision.

What do I do….  Voros was once a Draeni male, and I have never played a main character who is female.  Here are my thoughts:

  • Worgen look stupid when you have helm graphics turned on.
  • The sniffing is irritating.
  • The whimper when I get crit makes me feel like I have kicked a puppy.
  • My Shadowed Unit Frames does not let me properly project a 3D head, it forces me to look at a tiny full body model of myself – which looks stupid.
  • Race changing to a female probably means a name change.  Not sure I am comfortable with that.
  • Human males run like they have a pole up their arse, but their racials are great.
  • Male Night Elves also run funny, have floppy ears and arms which look too long (imho).
  • Gnomes are Gnomes.
  • Dwarves; well who wants to be a nugget?
  • Female Night Elves are ok – although female.
  • Female Draeni are also ok.
  • Male Draeni are ok
  • Female Humans are almost bearable.
So, here is my question.  What would you choose?  Pick one of the options below and lets see what the general consensus is.

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