Ragnaros Defeated

We finally killed Rags last night!

After a frustrating learning curve on the 2nd sons spawn we managed a solid run into the final phase and played a bit of tennis with the meteors to seal the kill.

Of course a meteor was accidentally punted into a group of 3 right at the death meaning a nervy 10 seconds of so was seen out before the kill.  Annnd right at the end Engulfing Flames spawned right on top of me, so I popped AMS and ran into the lava!  Still it worked, he died and we had 3 (yep count them, 1,2,3) raid members alive when he died.

But a first kill is a first kill right?  We were stoked, our hunter and shaman especially who came away with a shiny new bow and helm respectively.  All up, props to my guildies who hung in there week after week – we made it in the end!

Till next time,



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