‘Tis a good time to be a gamer

So I was checking out a trailer for Skyrim tonight and was thinking that the game looks absolutely fantastic. It made me think that there are so many games on the horizon (near and far) that I am really excited about.  Looking at what’s coming, I think that it is a really good time to be a gamer.  Whilst there are so many classics from the past and indeed I own a few (check out my list of 100 games I own over here), there are so many more coming that looking back in the distant future (you when I’m 40 and old :P), I feel, could make the grade as classics.

A Skyrim Dragon!

It’s kind of hard to see them as such now, but remember that once, Baldur’s Gate 2 was brand spanking new, sparkly even! (but not in a weird Edward Cullen kind of way).  But that aside, there are a very large number of games either just landing or on their way.  We are continuing to see a revolution in the gaming scene.  With ongoing rapid growth in the app markets (I bought Plants v Zombies for the my phone the day for $0.99!) and the high popularity of consoles and the resurgence of my beloved PC there is greater scope and vision for creating games than ever before (comparatively speaking of course).

I have featured a few of the MMOs I am keeping a close eye on a couple of times (see here and here) but this time I’m going to list a few of the games in general that I am looking forward to and I think genuinely excited about.

Without further preamble here is my list (in the order I think of them):

1.  Skyrim

2.  Diablo III

3.  Borderlands 2

4.  Farcry 3

5.  Torchlight 2

6.  Batman: Arkham City

This list is probably not complete, and you may have a few to add or remove from my list – but for what it is, there it is.

I do note a certain trend however; all of the above games are either sequels or build on previous canon.  This is not a bad thing per se, but it should be noted that there have been some terrible sequels in the past (a certain Deus Ex: Invisible War springs to mind).

Mmm cell shaded goodness

What do you think?  Have I missed a really important game?  What would you add or remove from your list?

P.S. Yes I know about stuff like Mass Effect 3, Battlefield 3, etc.  I kind of feel they are likely to be more of the same though.  I mean lets face it, if you’ve played one Modern Warfare, you’ve played them all.



3 responses to “‘Tis a good time to be a gamer

  • Rioriel

    I’m absolutely pumped for Skyrim! I’ll play it on the PS3 due to my dying PC not really doing games the justice they deserve. That it chugs along with WoW is quite the miracle.

    I work at a, err Highstreet Music Vendor, and was looking at games to pre-order myself. Put myself down for a couple of shooters and action/adventure titles that looked great then realised Skyrim will probably capture my full attention for a few months… so cancelled all the others! 😀 


    ~ Rio

  • Voros

    From the gameplay trailer I watched, Skyrim looks awesome. A big upgrade on Oblivion. Really looking forward to it!


  • Jamin

    You share my own thoughts.

    I feel that now is the time for a new age of gaming. Like a ‘new generation’. With so many big games, which don’t look like there shy of any competition, on the horizon.

    Such as the MMO’s on the board, such as Star Wars (forgot that one?), which look like real competitors to the big one (WoW). Mean Rift took a good shot at it and can still be considered a threat. Not like past roll-overs I.E; Warhammer, AoC and Aion etc.

    Think your saying what is on many peoples mouths.

    I am rather looking forward the BF3 and this secret Titan game Blizzard have in the workings.

    – Jamin

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