A new Panorama (and post)!

Sorry it’s been so long since the last post, life is a little crazy.

My wife is due in 4 weeks with our first so that combined with full-time work and part-time study has kept me pretty busy.  Since we last spoke, my guild has marched onward into the nerfed Firelands and picked up another two heroics, now putting us at 3/7 Heroics (Shannox, Beth’tilac and Staghelm).

I have also been busy farming a few things: gear for mogging of course and a couple of mounts.  Recently I snagged the Raven Lord from Anzu, and managed to grab the Brewfest Kodo on 3 of my 4 85’s this year which was great!  In fact, on my Dwarf Shammy Mashan, I opened the keg one day to fine the Kodo and the Ram IN THE SAME BAG!  Score!

However the Great White Chicken still aludes me.  Kael’thas will give up his Hawkstrider one day… edit:  Kael dropped the chicken the run after I posted this… So maybe the Baron will drop his mount now…. (fingers crossed).

To make up for my lack of posts recently, I give you this:

Hopefully you can accept my humble Panorama of one of the Worgen leveling hubs; Stormglen Village as recompense.

Till next time (which hopefully won’t be as long)



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