My Transmogrification look

Its 2:42am and i’m not asleep….

So here is my transmogrification setup:

As you can see, I went and bought the green DK starter gear from the vendor that Blizzard so kindly added.  I really love this look, it is very simple yet effective.  The axes are [The Decapitator] that drop from the final boss of Karazhan, Prince Malchezaar.  I have switched out the matching belt from the vendor with the [Runescriven Demon Collar] from Hagara the Stormbinder in the Raid Finder as I think it looks better and the colour scheme just happens to match (the raid finder is the only one with the matching colour scheme).

What do you think? Does it work?

What have you gone, a tier set or something else?

Till next time,



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