Upcoming games to look out for

It’s been a while since the last one of these posts, and a few games that were included in my last post have since been released, but it’s time for another. There are a few games on the horizon that are looking pretty tasty, and whilst the majority of my gaming time will be spent in relatively few games (I’m looking at you GW2, MoP and Civ V), there is always time to squeeze in a few more.

Here are the games I’m looking forward to:

Guild Wars 2

I am hoping GW2 can become one of, if not the, staple of my MMO consumption.  From the two beta weekends I have participated in, it looks promising.  I really enjoyed the Char and their starting area, and combined with the novel approach to skills and questing there is a lot of potential.  The end game (or lack thereof) is an issue in the minds of many, but ArenaNet are aiming for a differenent kind of end game with GW2, so time will tell whether it is a success or not.

Releasing on 28 August 2012, this is one to get excited about!


I have mentioned Firefall before.  Made by ex-Blizzard employees, Firefall is a  free-to-play 3rd person, cell shaded sci-fi shooter MMO.  The gameplay and cinematic trailers look great, making this a very exciting prospect.  The team has worked hard to develop a whole new IP around this game which looks intriguing.  There is an offical Firefall Manga out now and whilst we don’t yet have a firm release date, there have been murmurs it will be out sometime towards the end of 2012.  Fingers crossed.

Borderlands 2

For those of you who played the first Borderlands, the excitement around its sequel will be nothing new.  The first Borderlands was excellent.  If you think of it as a first person shooter version of Diablo set in a science fiction universe, you will be pretty close.  Although the main story left a little to be desired, Gearbox is looking to correct that with the sequel.  With new classes, new story but the same addictive gameplay Borderlands 2 is sure to be as good as the first, if not better.

An international release date of 21 September 2012 has been confirmed.


I am a big fan of Bethesda Softworks.  They have brought us such gaming gems as Skyrim and Fallout, and Dishonored is shaping up to add another to their list.  The trailer below looks like Crysis come Dues Ex set in a Steampunk world.  If that doesn’t sound appealing, well… I fell a little sorry for you to be honest.

Set for release on 12 October 2012, we don’t have long to wait.

Torchlight 2

Think of Torchlight 2 as an alternative to Diablo 3, but only costing $20.  The original was a pretty good game with one major flaw – no multiplayer.  Runic Games has corrected this in Torchlight 2, and the Action RPG is looking pretty good.  Fast paced and all about the loot, Torchlight 2 should help to fill some of the Diablo 3 shaped holes in people (me) that are currently vacant.  And did I mention it only costs $20?

Set for release in Q3 of 2012, putting it just around the corner.


If you were a Mechwarrior fan back in the day, then there are a few upcoming games that may tickle your fancy. Hawken is one (MechWarrior Online is another).  Basically you ride around in big ‘Mechs’ and shoot all the things.  Awesome.  Developed by an Indie group called Adhesive Games, Hawken drew a lot of plaudits at the recent E3.

Due for release on 12 December 2012, this is one to keep an eye on.

So there’s my list for the moment.  There are plenty more good looking games due for release soon, but i’ll let you do the legwork there.  Do you have a favourite upcoming game, or one you are salivating over?  Let me know in the comments.

Till next time,




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