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Guild Wars 2 Vistas

I have been playing Guild Wars 2 since the head-start opened up, hitting level 26 last night.

The game is gorgeous, with many great views highlighted by the Vistas available (and encouraged) for exploration.  Here are just some of the many Vistas in game:









Surely views like those are enough to tempt you?



My (brief) thoughts on MoP

With the release of the Mists of Pandaria expansion cinematic last night (my time, Aus), it’s probably a good time to put my thoughts regarding the expansion down on ‘paper’.

Largely, I have avoided the beta (despite being an annual pass holder).  I jumped on early and leveled a Pandarian Monk out of the starting zones and then jumped on a couple of chars to try some of the new talents out.

Briefly, I thought the Panda starting zones were pretty good, I enjoyed the change of pace from say, the Worgen starting zone, and I loved the new animations that the Pandas have – leaps and bounds ahead of any other race.

I grabbed a couple of panoramas whilst leveling, which I threw up on the blog here, but here are two for you:

In terms of the new talents – I had a quick look at the DK and Hunter sets.  The DK talents seem a little, well boring.  Especially the  level 75 set.  A series of three rune regen options? Really?  Some of them, like ‘Gorefiend’s Grasp’, look fun if a little situational, but by and large I am a little underwhelmed (compare some of them to talents like a Warrior’s Avatar for example).

The Hunter talents look a lot more interesting.  Talents like ‘A Murder of Crows’ and ‘Dire Beast’ just look cool.  When I logged on, some of them were a little buggy – like infinite random beast summoning.  I especially loved the bug in which pets were summoned back in their original size:

Chromaggus’ Day Out

My play style has changed since we stopped raiding Dragon Soul.  Previously, I have been primarily focused on 10 man raiding, but I think that is shifting to more 5 man groups.  For me, this means that I am most looking forward to the challenge dungeons.  Providing what I hope will be ongoing, challenging 5 man content issomething that has always been missing from WoW.  We have heroics, but once you have done them and reach a certain gear threshold, they cease to be a challenge.

I am hoping that the challenge mode dungeons don’t fall prey to a similar fate, and it seems as though Blizz have though about this with a gear scaling system already in place.

The raids should be interesting, but I don’t think I’ll be looking to be part of a ‘progression guild’ anymore (not leaving my guild, just not raiding as much).  Previously we hung around the top 10-15 on my server, now I will just be happy to finish them.  If that means LFR, so be it.

Pet battles will be a bit of fun, but won’t consume me.  I’m not sure I’ll even touch farming….

Overall, I am looking forward  to leveling again.  I always enjoy leveling my main (maybe not my 4th alt though…), so to have a new continent and a new story to level through will be great.

Final Verdict? Looking forward to release.


When your luck is in, it’s in!

I was on and bored last night so decided to run a couple of LFRs with a friend. I ended up having the most productive (in terms of upgrades) “raiding night” I think I have ever had.

It went like this:

Morchok: Chest Token
Zon’ozz: Gauntlet Token
This is where people started complaining…..
Yor’sahj: Legs Token
Much more complaining here…..
Hagara: Shoulders Token
More complaining and congratulations at this point.

Queued again for Deathwing kill (figured my luck was in).
Spine: Nothing!
Madness: Vishanka and Kiril both drop, and rolling against at least 1 other hunter, I win both items!

So in one night and six bosses I went from not having finised an LFR on my Hunter to having the 4 piece bonus, and the bow and polearm from Deathwing…

One crazy night.

Voros (as Ìshara).

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