When your luck is in, it’s in!

I was on and bored last night so decided to run a couple of LFRs with a friend. I ended up having the most productive (in terms of upgrades) “raiding night” I think I have ever had.

It went like this:

Morchok: Chest Token
Zon’ozz: Gauntlet Token
This is where people started complaining…..
Yor’sahj: Legs Token
Much more complaining here…..
Hagara: Shoulders Token
More complaining and congratulations at this point.

Queued again for Deathwing kill (figured my luck was in).
Spine: Nothing!
Madness: Vishanka and Kiril both drop, and rolling against at least 1 other hunter, I win both items!

So in one night and six bosses I went from not having finised an LFR on my Hunter to having the 4 piece bonus, and the bow and polearm from Deathwing…

One crazy night.

Voros (as Ìshara).


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