My (brief) thoughts on MoP

With the release of the Mists of Pandaria expansion cinematic last night (my time, Aus), it’s probably a good time to put my thoughts regarding the expansion down on ‘paper’.

Largely, I have avoided the beta (despite being an annual pass holder).  I jumped on early and leveled a Pandarian Monk out of the starting zones and then jumped on a couple of chars to try some of the new talents out.

Briefly, I thought the Panda starting zones were pretty good, I enjoyed the change of pace from say, the Worgen starting zone, and I loved the new animations that the Pandas have – leaps and bounds ahead of any other race.

I grabbed a couple of panoramas whilst leveling, which I threw up on the blog here, but here are two for you:

In terms of the new talents – I had a quick look at the DK and Hunter sets.  The DK talents seem a little, well boring.  Especially the  level 75 set.  A series of three rune regen options? Really?  Some of them, like ‘Gorefiend’s Grasp’, look fun if a little situational, but by and large I am a little underwhelmed (compare some of them to talents like a Warrior’s Avatar for example).

The Hunter talents look a lot more interesting.  Talents like ‘A Murder of Crows’ and ‘Dire Beast’ just look cool.  When I logged on, some of them were a little buggy – like infinite random beast summoning.  I especially loved the bug in which pets were summoned back in their original size:

Chromaggus’ Day Out

My play style has changed since we stopped raiding Dragon Soul.  Previously, I have been primarily focused on 10 man raiding, but I think that is shifting to more 5 man groups.  For me, this means that I am most looking forward to the challenge dungeons.  Providing what I hope will be ongoing, challenging 5 man content issomething that has always been missing from WoW.  We have heroics, but once you have done them and reach a certain gear threshold, they cease to be a challenge.

I am hoping that the challenge mode dungeons don’t fall prey to a similar fate, and it seems as though Blizz have though about this with a gear scaling system already in place.

The raids should be interesting, but I don’t think I’ll be looking to be part of a ‘progression guild’ anymore (not leaving my guild, just not raiding as much).  Previously we hung around the top 10-15 on my server, now I will just be happy to finish them.  If that means LFR, so be it.

Pet battles will be a bit of fun, but won’t consume me.  I’m not sure I’ll even touch farming….

Overall, I am looking forward  to leveling again.  I always enjoy leveling my main (maybe not my 4th alt though…), so to have a new continent and a new story to level through will be great.

Final Verdict? Looking forward to release.



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