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People’s choice panoramas

Thinking some WoW reddit users might like to grab some of my WoW panoramas for desktops etc, I uploaded all my shots to Imgur and posted the album to /r/wow.  Three days later and my blog views have blown all previous page views out the window!

Since the reddit post I have had some 5k views on the blog (almost all on the panorama page).  For me, that is far and above anything I have seen.  I know it doesn’t compare to the main WoW blogs out there, but I was kind of excited 🙂

Having a look at what people were looking at (using all time stats), I though it was interesting which panoramas people downloaded the most.  The top ten people’s choices were:

10.  Sword’s Rest (142 clicks)

Sword's Rest


9.  Lakeshire (146 clicks)



8.  General Vezaxx (174 clicks)

General Vezaxx Panorama


7.  Illidan (190 clicks)



6.  Grizzlemaw (218 clicks)

Grizzlemaw rework


5.  Vashj’ir Island (226 clicks)

Vashj'ir Island


4.  Tarecgosa (228 clicks)



3.  Stonetalon Mountains (243 clicks)

Stonetalon Mountains


2.  The Krazzworks (256 clicks)

The Krazzworks


1.  End Time (302 clicks)

End Time



In total, 8,429 panoramas have been clicked (to see the full size version). There was a .zip file linked in the reddit post which contained all the panoramas on the blog, so I would guess there were a few people who grabbed that as well.  In case you want it, reddit user Kupatrix kindly hosted the file on his website which you can grab here:

The reddit post is here.  I’m glad people are using thse shots, I didn’t make them to gather dusts on my blog.  So if you want to grab one or all to use as a desktop background or facebook/blog banner, please feel free!

If you have any requests, I am happy to have a go at fulfilling them – just leave a comment.





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