Back playing WoW

Hi there.

Well I’m back playing WoW thanks to a fellow blogger (Navimie over at the Daily Frostwolf) moving her Horde guild to Saurfang, which coincidentally was where Voros was sitting, resting on his laurels – albeit as a Night Elf. I have to post this from work as there was a small accident at home involving a 2 year old, a cup of coffee and my keyboard resulting in a number of keys no longer working (the most irritating of which is ‘o’). My new guild mates have been treated to some 1337 hax0r text in guild chat over the last couple of days as a result….

Now that I’m back playing, I decided to put together a couple more panoramas (with some heavy nudging by Navi), I had already put them up on the main panorama page here, but for visibility here they are as their own post. Quick question, are these too dark for your monitor? Enjoy!

Troll Boat

Isle of Giants

The Vale

Gate of the Setting Sun




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