IRL 2.0 – A gaming balance

I saw this short film today and wanted to share it. Created by Anthony Rosner (and others), it details Anthony’s struggles with balancing gaming and real life. This film is a follow-up to his first film, IRL, which saw a large exposure over YouTube and other channels. Well worth a 12 minute watch:

Having started playing WoW back on release in late 2004, I have seen my life change significantly since then. Back in 2004 I had only just started my first attempt at Uni, but since then I have married, built a house, had a child, finished my second, successful tilt at Uni and have now moved interstate.

All of that means I have had to adapt. My gaming habits have changed and over the years I have taken numerous breaks from MMO gaming (as it tends to take up the most time). I missed the second half of Burning Crusade and most of Mists of Pandaria but I did play a lot of Civilization, CoD and Elder Scrolls.

Balancing real life and gaming can be difficult, but ultimately it is crucial. WoW can give you treasured memories, but real life gives so much more. I wouldn’t trade the experiences I have had since shifting my priorities for any memories in WoW or any other game.

I guess watching films like this just get you thinking.



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