Hi There,

Welcome to The Other Tank, a blog about stuff.

Ok well it’s mainly about stuff to do with Gaming, especially World of Warcraft.  It’s not limited to WoW however and I throw in posts about gaming in general and anything else that I fancy.

The blog arose out of me thinking that I might enjoy the whole blogging experience, and as a way to help me think through encounters, mechanics and the like.  Previously known under the title WoW: It’s a Big World the blog was renamed to the snappier and much more interesting The Other Tank.  The name arose out of a fellow guildies blog, funnily enough.  Whilst writing a post of dealing with the twin dragonkin trash in front of Magmaw, I was lovingly referred to as the other tank – and thus arose the blog name 🙂

I would describe my WoW playstyle as semi-Hardcore.  I put RL stuff first, but when raiding, raid seriously.  I am currently an Officer with the Guild Labyrinth of Lost Souls on Saurfang.  We tend to raid two nights a week on Wednesday and Thursday.  We see ourselves as a 10 man progression guild, currently around the top 20 guilds on the server.  We are a fun, easy-going guild and easily the best I personally have been involved with.  Make sure you look us up if you want to learn more.  Use the link above or the one in my blogroll on the main page.

As of 25 February 2011, we have cleared 5/6 in BWD.

I primarily play a Tank DPS now, a Frost DK named Voros to be specific.  I have a few alts which you can check out in the Characters & UI page here on the blog.

I play games because I enjoy them.  I don’t limit myself to WoW but do spend a fair bit of time there.  Other games I am currently enjoying include Civilization V, Call of Duty: Black Ops and RPGs like Dragon Age.  There is a post floating around somewhere here with a list of 100 games I own.

I guess for me, WoW is attractive because of the level of human interaction required to be successful.  Whilst I mostly enjoy leveling, the real action is grouping with 9 other like-minded players to work on that cutting edge raid content.  The excitement of getting a boss down you have been working on for weeks is hard to beat.

As far as the blog goes, I am open to suggestions and requests, and would love for you to put forward some comments on anything I post or anything you would like to see posted on.  Simply drop me a line through the various channels available on the site.

I hope you enjoy, find useful or interesting the material on the site!



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