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Update: PvP Leveling

After much soul searching and many sleepless nights agonising over this decision I have decided to not level Antikas (my Warrior) via PvP.  I may have sold out, but it was simply too painful as a melee with no in-combat utility.

Instead, I have created a second Hunter.  I know, I know.

I fgured that seeing as though most of the BG population was either a Hunter or a Rogue, why not see what all the fuss was about.  At least then I can give a truer reflection of what its like to PvP level.

So I present to you Phane!

One thing I have already noted: you cannot join any BGs as a Worgen until you finish the Gilnean starter quests, meaning you miss the 10-14 bracket completely.

It also seems that the large chunck of xp I received from the AB I won on Antikas does not translate to winning WSG at lvl 15 on Phane.  Odd, maybe AB gives more xp?  I think it was the Call to Arms at the time, so maybe that provides extra xp?

Either way, 1 win, 1 loss and 1 draw later and Phane has gained most of a lvl from 15-16.  This may take a bit longer than I thought at this rate.  Oh well, something to fill my copious amounts of spare time…. (yeah right, who has copious amounts of spare time these days? – ED)

Whatever happens, using the Hunter is much easier than the Warrior at this level.  If I look at it from purely an available skills point of view I get:

Warrior (lvl 27):  Charge (out of combat), Hamstring, plus some burst (MS, HS, etc).

Hunter (lvl 15):  Concussion Shot, Scatter Shot, Disengage, Wingclip, plus burst (AS, Explosive Shot as Surv, KC) plus range!

Hmm, seems a little lopsided to me.   Blizz, thats a fail at balance for me.  Admittedly its low level but still, the BGs are just dominated by the ranged classes (from what I’ve seen)(disclaimer: It may be that the writer sucks at PvP – ED).

Anyway, whatever happens I will keep you posted.



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