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Download link

I have put a .zip file up on Dropbox of 138 panoramas for anyone to download.  Feel free to use them, although I would ask that you give credit if you use them on your blog, etc.  A few of them make pretty nice wallpapers, Facebook, Twitter or blog headers – so go nuts!

The file can be downloaded here, note it is 272mb:  dropbox



The Celestial Enclave

Celestial Enclave

Grabbed this whilst running an LFR – ended up locked out of the Twin Consorts fight for my trouble.


IRL 2.0 – A gaming balance

I saw this short film today and wanted to share it. Created by Anthony Rosner (and others), it details Anthony’s struggles with balancing gaming and real life. This film is a follow-up to his first film, IRL, which saw a large exposure over YouTube and other channels. Well worth a 12 minute watch:

Having started playing WoW back on release in late 2004, I have seen my life change significantly since then. Back in 2004 I had only just started my first attempt at Uni, but since then I have married, built a house, had a child, finished my second, successful tilt at Uni and have now moved interstate.

All of that means I have had to adapt. My gaming habits have changed and over the years I have taken numerous breaks from MMO gaming (as it tends to take up the most time). I missed the second half of Burning Crusade and most of Mists of Pandaria but I did play a lot of Civilization, CoD and Elder Scrolls.

Balancing real life and gaming can be difficult, but ultimately it is crucial. WoW can give you treasured memories, but real life gives so much more. I wouldn’t trade the experiences I have had since shifting my priorities for any memories in WoW or any other game.

I guess watching films like this just get you thinking.


Six Sixes!

The gauntlet has been slapped across my slightly chubby cheek and I can still feel the sting from its iron caress.

Not one but two World of Warcraft bloggers have tagged me to continue the ‘sixth image’ meme that is currently making its way around the WoW blogosphere.  A big thanks to Glow, my friendly guild druid healer extraordinaire and author of Glow’s branches and Fannon over on the wonderful Dwarven Battle Medic (who by the way, posts some amazing shots) for tagging me.

So, the ‘sixth image’ challenge was started by Gnomeaggedon and goes like this:

  • Go into your image folder
  • Open the sixth sub-folder and choose the sixth image.
  • Publish the image! (and a few words wouldn’t hurt, though I dare say I couldn’t stop a blogger from adding a few words of their own).
  • Challenge six new bloggers.
  • Link to them.

I’m afraid I am going to have to bend those rules a little as I tend to organise my images a little differently.  Instead I will choose three WoW related and three non-WoW related folders and select the sixth image.

First up, keeping with the main theme of this blog, World of Warcraft panoramas, here is the sixth image from my panoramas folder:

Taken inside Blackrock mountain, I was trying to capture the three dwarven statues holding the chains.  As my panoramas don’t tend to be more than a single shot high, I had to ignore the rest of the cave.

Next, the sixth image from my ‘edited screenshots’ folder.  These are the ones that are uploaded on the bl0g:

I like this guy, he has swagger.  If you’re interested you can find him standing right up north in Netherstorm at Forge Base Gehenna.

Now for the unedited raw screenshots straight from the default WoW screenshots folder (even left the default name):

Fairly sure this was part of a panorama set I took in The Botanica.  Also fairly sure that once I had finished it, I didn’t like it so it never saw the light of day. Still, there you have it.

Ok now for a couple of non-WoW related images.  I tend to dabble a little in photography, nothing serious but I like to get out when I can and play around a little.  Here are a few shots from some of my folders:

The sixth shot from a set on flowers:

Taken in the Dandenong Ranges down in Melbourne Australia, I have no idea in the slightest what type of flower this is.  I had a macro lens on, decided it looked kinda cool, so took a photo of it 🙂

The sixth shot from a set around my home town of Canberra, Australia:

I am glad this shot came up, one of my favourites actually.  Taken from a hot air balloon at about 6am, it shows off the main focal point of Canberra, Lake Burley Griffen.  This experience was a birthday present from my wife, so I have fond memories associated with this photo.

Finally, the sixth image from a holiday to New Zealand in 2009:

If you look closely enough at this shot, probably recognise the mountains from many scenes in The Lord of the Rings!  Taken as a panorama, this is a view of The Remarkables in Queenstown on the South Island.

OK, so I may have cherry picked some of the more interesting folders, but the ‘sixth image’ meme still applies!

Now is where it gets somewhat difficult.  How do I choose six bloggers not already chosen (or at least not posted yet)….  Here goes, I choose you:

Wanted: My Pants.

So there I was minding my own business…


Well actually I was looking after some Netherwing business; something to do with clearing out pesky beasties from a mine and collecting discarded mining carts or something.  Eh who really cares as long as they up my reputation right?

When BOOM, I looked down and almost fell over…  I couldn’t see my pants!  Now just to clarify, I couldn’t see see my legs or other more um delicate appendages either.   After thinking for a while about whether or not I could sit down (considering my butt had mysteriously vanished as well) I decided to set out to find my pants.  I mean what is a man without his pants?  No man at all is what!

Just so you all have an idea of the horror I felt upon seeing my pantlessedness, well… here it its (warning: viewer discretion is advised):

How would that make you feel, to discover that your pants were gone.  I mean come on, who steals a man’s pants?


Then it hit me.


Gorosh had struck again!  That sneaky orc had ventured out from his run down hovel in the twilight highlands to steal my pants!  Boy was I mad.  I dug up my old picture of him to start billboarding in the hope that someone could help me find my pants!  On a side note, how does he do it?  I mean I was wearing a belt and everything!

So far, no luck.  I am still wandering around without my pants.  Even @Magmaw laughed at me the other night 😦

If you know where to find my pants, or hell even have a spare pair I could borrow for a while, please let me know.

Till next time,

The man with no pants, V.

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