Chimaeron 10N

Alrighty then, this is how we do Chimaeron 1oN.

Overall, this fight is straightforward.  The real strain is on the healer.  This fight is a real benchmark for your raid’s healing capacity.  It requires switched on healers who can pump out the HPS when required.

The Pull

The fight will require 2 tanks, probably 3 healers and the rest dps.  We tend to run with either 2 melee and 3 ranged or 1 melee and 4 ranged.  The setup on the pull is basically the same either way so do not overly stress about composition.

Chimaeron himself is not active when you enter the room so feel free to play around with raid setup prior to engaging.  We usually spread out according to this:

The tank directly in front of Chimaeron will act as the main tank, with the tank to left soaking the double attacks (more on that in a sec).  The melee should spread out around keeping a 6 yard gap at all times bar the collapse (also more on this in a sec).

We tend to place a healer directly behind the tank (keeping at least 6 yards away of course) to be the collapse point with the remainder of the ranged and heals spreading out in a rough semi-circle.

Once you are in position have someone talk to the small humanoid (Finkle; who you may remember from UBRS) and kick off the robot.  This will start the encounter after a brief delay so have your main tank pick up Chimaeron as soon as the robot is active.

The Robot

It is worth explaining at this point the mechanics involved with Finkle’s robot.  As long as the robot is active, any single attack that would otherwise kill a player with over 10,000 HP will instead reduce that player’s HP to 1.  So the trick to this fight is keeping everyone over 10k HP.  Sounds easy right?  Not so fast, as there are other mechanics in play.  Periodically, the bot will go offline meaning that the only thing stopping you from dying is your healers.  Caustic Slime is the killer during this time, so be ready to pump out the heals when the bot is offline.

What does Chimaeron do, and how do we handle it?

Chimaeron has probably the smallest ability list of the bosses in BWD but still somehow manages to challenge raids….  It is important to note the slowness of his attacks.  Chimaeron’s swing timer is something like 5 seconds.

Phase 1

Caustic Slime

Caustic Slime is essentially Chimaeron spitting on people for 280,000 damage, split between all targets within a 6 yard radius.  It also applies a hit debuff to anyone hit.

How we deal with it

Your raid should be spread out so that it only hits 1 person per slime, thus reducing the healing output required.  This is very simple to mitigate when spread out. Chimaeron will continue to do this ability during his Feud phase (read on for that).

Double Attack and Break

Really these are 2 separate abilities, but you handle then both using the one strategy so I will include them both here.

Double Attack is Chimaeron gaining a buff which will cause him to strike twice in quick succession on his next attack.

Break is a debuff that Chimaeron applies to his current target (you want this to be your main tank) that increases physical damage taken by 25% for 1 minute and can stack.

How we deal with it

We use the 2 tank soaking method.  Essentially you have your main tank holding Chimaeron towards the entrance to the room for all of Phase 1.  When you see Chimaeron gain the Double Attack buff (DBM should also give you a big red warning) have the off-tank taunt him and soak the Double Attack.  As soon as this has happened (I tend to use the ability animation of the yellow swishy thing a guide) have your main tank taunt him back.

Using this method, your main tank should only ever need to be above 10k.  Your off-tank however must be kept topped off.  This is because if the first of Chimaeron’s Double Attacks leaves the off-tank below 10k HP then the 2nd will kill him.  What must happen is the first attack should leave your off-tank above 10k health so that the bot will kick in and prevent the 2nd attack being a kill shot.

This method also ensures that Break is essentially superfluous in the sense that it being on your main tank at all times has no bearing on the fight as they should only need to be above 10k to be saved regardless of the amount of damage taken.


Periodically during Phase 1, Chimaeron will cast Massacre, an ability that will reduce everyones HP to 1 (sometimes this will also knock the robot offline, and Chimaeron will enter a Feud state).

How we deal with it

When this happens all raid members must be raised to over 10k HP as soon as possible to prevent a surefire death from a Caustic Slime or melee hit.  The easiest way to make this effective is to assign a healer to each group who is responsible for keeping each member in that group over 10k.  Your third healer should be on the off-tank and raid healing where required.

We also make this a little easier on ourselves by having me as the main tank (being a DK, self-healing is god in this fight) and a Warrior as the off-tank (as they can mitigate much of the Double Attack damage).


On some Massacres, Chimaeron will knock the robot offline and will enter a Feud state.  During this state Chimaeron’s 2 heads will fight each other and he will no longer melee attack.  Note that Caustic Slime continues.

How we deal with it

As the robot is now offline, you must find a new way to handle the incoming damage from the Caustic Slimes.  We collapse on a central point (a healer) so that we can spread the 280,000 damage from the Caustic Slime amongst the raid.  During each Feud, Chimaeron will cast 3 Caustic Slimes.  After each slime, the raid must be healed as high as possible to survive the next one.  It may be wise to assign which healer will use which AoE heal in each Feud due to cooldowns.  After the 3 slimes, the raid should spread out again and assume previous positions.

Note that at the end of the Feud, Chimaeron will immediately cast another Massacre.

Phase 1 repeats until Chimaeron reaches 20% health.

Phase 2

At 20% health, Chimaeron goes into a rage and becomes untauntable.  Fortunately he also takes 20% more damage.  Unfortunately he puts out an undispellable raid wide debuff that reduces healing by 99%.

So, at this stage everyone should DPS him hard.  And I mean everyone, including healers, as heals are now useless.   You should aim to have everyone above 10k health just prior to hitting this stage because the robot will still be online during Phase 2, meaning you can survive 2 hits from Chimaeron.

Chimaeron will make his way down the threat list as he kills each person, so everyone should pop all evasion type cooldowns (things like Icebound Fortitude and Last Stand are useless) when they are the target.

There is no real point running from him during this stage in an attempt to kite him.  This will happen to an extent if you were spread out as the boss may have to move around the room as he goes down the threat table.

Hopefully you have enough DPS to end him before he ends all of you.

Some final notes

  • I find AMS so be a very useful tool during the Feuds.  After the first Caustic Slime, count to 4 and hit it.  It should absorb your portion of the damage from the next 2 slimes and prevent the hit debuff being applied.
  • If during a Double Attack, the off-tank has Chimaeron and he starts casting a Massacre instead of doing a Double Attack, have the main tank taunt him back as the Double Attack will not go off and the main tank should have agro to make sure they take the Break debuff.
  • Make sure you do your healing assignments properly so each healer knows who they are responsible for.  Else people will get missed and die.
  • During the Feud state, cast any Nature resistance spells you have.
  • Also during Feud, you are able to bandage each time, so help your healers out and do that.

Here is a video of Labyrinth of Lost Souls (from the off-tank perspective and using a bear main-tank) killing Chimaeron and picking up the achieve (maximum of 2 deaths) in the process:

I was DPS for this one.

Leave a comment if you found this useful or have any tips on how to improve it!



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