Cho’Gall 10N

Ok,  I am confident in our strategy for Cho’Gall 10N now.   We have 1 shot him at least 3 times now, each time with a new raid member.

The Cho’Gall fight is dependant on successfully managing corruption levels.  Provided your raid can deal with this mechanic, you should be able to complete the fight.

We tried a few different strats for the adds but in the end settled on a very simple method that has worked well.

We use 2 tanks, 3 healers and 5 dps, generally spilt into 1 or 2 melee and the rest ranged.  Similar configurations should also be fine.  Note this fight is 2 healable if desired.

So here we go:

The Pull

The pull is easy enough, the tank grabs or has a hunter misdirect and brings him down to just in front of and facing his throne.  the melee and ranged stack behind him staying on a centre line.

 This is essentially the positioning of Cho’Gall and the raid for the entire phase 1.  After any adds have been dealt with, the is where the raid should default back to.

What does Cho’Gall do? And how we handle it.

Cho’Gall has 2 phases.  The first is the more difficult and how well you do in phase 1 will determine if you are successful in phase 2.

The primary mechanic in the Cho’Gall fight is something called corruption. Essentially, there are a number of abilities that can increase your corruption and it is your job to ensure they don’t.  As your corruption increases, the fight becomes more and more difficult as bad things start to happen to those with high corruption.  Each player will have a corruption level (shown by a fancy bar in the default UI) from 0-100.  At each 25 corruption interval something bad happens.

Here’s how it works:

0-24   –     Nothing, if your entire raid stays under 25 for the entirety of phase 1 you are doing well.

25-49 –    A debuff is placed on the player at 25 corruption which if not dispelled will cause 2 corruption per second for one minute.

50-74 –   You will now begin to vomit on people around you, causing around 40k damage to and increasing  the corruption of those around you.

75-99 –   An arm grows out of you back and you start firing shadowbolts at the raid.

100     –   You are fully corrupted and will transform into a mini corrupted adherent.  100% increased damage done with instant casts  but 100% less healing received.

So to cut a long story short, less is good.  Trying to keep everyone under 30 or so going into phase 2 is your aim.  So how do you avoid getting corruption? Read on.

Phase 1

During phase 1, you are tank swapping, managing adds and dodging corrupting crash.  Here are the abilities to watch out for:


Conversion will mind control 2 raid members, causing them to worship Cho’Gall.  For every 3 seconds that a raid member is in this state, Cho’Gall gains a stack of a buff increasing his damage done by 10%; lasts 20 seconds.  This is bad.  Letting this get too high will cause a wipe as you will be unable to heal through the damage on your tank (for very long).

How we deal with it

We came up with a really easy way to handle this.  To stop people worshipping you have to hit them with something that interrupts casting; so wind shear, mind freeze, fear, scatter shot, etc.

To make it easy for people we devised the following macro:

#showtooltip Interrupt Spell


/cast [@raid1,harm][@raid2,harm][@raid3,harm][@raid4,harm][@raid5,harm][@raid6,harm][@raid7,harm][@raid8,harm][@raid9,harm][@raid10,harm] Interrupt Spell

Simply replace Interrupt Spell with your classes’ interrupt.  I replace it with Mind Freeze, which I specced to have no Runic Power cost.  All you have to do is face the person affected, be in range and spam the button with the macro.  It will work through your raid and hit the first hostile player it encounters with your cast.  Very very easy.

Cho’Gall buffs

Cho’Gall will cast 2 self-buffs.  Flame’s and Shadow’s Orders.  Flame’s Orders will cause him to hit the tank harder (20k) and will cause patches of flame to appear on the ground.  Simply get the tank to pop a cooldown (I use DRW) and ask your raid to kindly not stand in the fire.  Shadow’s Orders will add raid wide AoE to Cho’Gall’s swings.  The only real thing you can do is heal though this.

Corrupting Adherents & Fury of Cho’Gall

Cho’Gall will summon a corrupting adherent periodically throughout phase 1. You should aim to have no more than 4 if you can (we are now either pushing into phase 2 after 3 or off-tanking the 4th). At around the same time, he will cast Fury of Cho’Gall on his primary agro target.  This does 60k dmg and puts a debuff on the target increasing physical and shadow damage taken.

How we deal with it

I imagine we do the same thing as everyone else. We swap tanks straight after the Fury cast and the tank leaving Cho’Gall immediately picks up the recently summoned adherent.  The adherent is taken to the back of the room and killed.  The adherent will use 2 abilities whilst alive. The first is Corrupting Crash.  Crash will launch a missile into the air targeting a random player. This is shown by a large purple swirly on the ground. MOVE AWAY FROM IT. I suggest you tick the boxes in DBM that will show a warning if you or anyone close to you is targeted by corrupting crash. This makes it a bit easier to avoid. This is one of the primary sources of corruption, adding 10 if you get hit.

The second ability the adherents have is Depravity.  Depravity is a 1.5 second interruptable cast that does 20k damage to the raid and causes 10 corruption.  Interrupt this.  We have the tank and a healer with an interrupt (Shaman in our case) making sure this does not get off.

We move the adherents to the back of the room and kill them in as tight a bunch as we can:

Everyone should be switching to kill the adherent until your dps is high enough that ranged can handle it.  They must be killed within 30 seconds of spawning else they gain a raid wiping AoE cast.  Do not stand in the puddle they leave on the ground after death.

Blood of the Old God

30 seconds after the adherent spawns, Cho’Gall will cast Fester Blood.  This will spawn 4 Blood of the Old God from each slain adherent.  This is cumulative, i.e. 4 after the first kill, 8 total after the second, etc.  These blood will add 10 corruption to any player they hit.  This is probably the primary source of corruption.

How we deal with them

You know when they are spawning as a raid warning should pop up saying Cho’Gall is casting Fester Blood.  Ranged should switch to the Bloods immediately and CC/burn them down.  If I am DPS, I help out due to Howling Blast being awesome (specced and glyphed to slow).  If you can get these down fast enough you dramatically reduce the corruption levels of the raid.   By placing the pools left by the dead adherents at the back of the room, we give the ranged maximum time to kill the Bloods before they reach the raid. Also, by positioning the raid down the centre line of the room, the adds will all funnel into the one area, improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your CC and AoE abilities.

Phase 1 is a rinse and repeat of all of the above until you push Cho’Gall past 25%.  If you have the dps (about 80k) you should be able to push him through whilst off-tanking the 4th adherent.  Once he goes into phase 2, all adds will despawn.

Phase 2

At this point, the fight becomes a DPS race.  Cho’Gall loses all previous abilities bar Fury of Cho’Gall and gains a couple of new ones.

The Eyestalks

Cho’Gall will summon 4 eyestalks peridoically in phase 2 which will cast Debilitating Beam on random players.  The beam reduces healing received and damage done by 75% whilst also dealing 5k damage per second and adding 1 corruption per second.  Nasty.  The beam is interruptable.

How we deal with them

We deal with the eyestalks by dragging Cho’Gall up onto his throne as we enter phase 2.

What this does is force the eyestalks to spawn in certain areas.  There will almost always be 2 or 3 stalks at a minimum spawning inside the throne area meaning they can quickly be AoE’d down.  The ones outside the throne should be single targeted and interrupted by the ranged asap.  Melee and the free tank should interrupt those that spawn inside the throne.  Things like the Moonkin Solar Beam are useful as well.  The eyestalks should always be first priority, ALWAYS.

Fury of Cho’Gall

This continues as before, which requires your tanks to be swapping after each cast.

Corruption of the Old God

This is the dps race aspect of the phase.  Cho’Gall will deal AoE damage to the raid and AoE corruption.  As corruption gets higher, things get harder.  So save cooldowns for phase 2 and burn away.  This is why try to get into phase 2 with everyone under 25 corruption should be the aim.  It makes this so much easier.

Some final notes

  • Tanks should work out when to use which cooldown.  For DKs I use AMS through Shadow’s Orders, DRW through Flame’s Orders, and save IBF or VB for when things get nasty.  Often this is too many worship stacks.
  • Having everyone stay on the centre line is important, it not only makes it easier to find people for interrupting worship, it funnels the bloods to make it easier to CC and AoE them down.
  • Eyestalks, eyestalks, eyestalks.  Call the cast out over Vent and make sure you dps/interrupt them as a priority.
Good luck and good hunting!

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