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WildStar in Panorama!

As promised, here are a few panoramas from the first 16 Dominion levels in WildStar:


Riot in the Void_2


Riot in the Void_3




Voros / Antikas


Pandaria Panoramas

Whilst flying around last night farming the Dino mounts (of which I won one!), I grabbed some more panoramas – need to catch up for lost time around Pandaria.   Enjoy!

Temple of the White Tiger

Sha of Anger

Sri-La Village

Tian Monastery

The Arboretum

The Arboretum 2

Serpent's Heart

The Heartland


Shadow Pan Monastery

Krasarang Wilds



Guild Wars 2 Vistas

I have been playing Guild Wars 2 since the head-start opened up, hitting level 26 last night.

The game is gorgeous, with many great views highlighted by the Vistas available (and encouraged) for exploration.  Here are just some of the many Vistas in game:









Surely views like those are enough to tempt you?


Mists of Pandaria Panoramas

After nabbing an invite to the Mists of Pandaria Beta, I hopped on and started a Pandaren Monk (along with 90% of beta participants).  While questing through the zone I took a bunch of screenshots and produced the following panoramas:

Well there you have it, The Wandering Isle.  Blizzard seem to have increased the texture count or the foliage count or something as the landscapes are a vast improvement on say… Hellfire Peninsula *shudder*

Hope you enjoy – I will work on getting some shots from Pandaria as more of the continent opens  up for testing.


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