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The Lich King

The Lich King

Bastion of Twilight

Illidan Oil

Before you say anything about the PS oil filter know that I just like the look of it on some shots. This one seems to work for me. It’s a toss up between the Illidan and Lich King shots for my desktop background atm.



Pandaria Panoramas

Whilst flying around last night farming the Dino mounts (of which I won one!), I grabbed some more panoramas – need to catch up for lost time around Pandaria.   Enjoy!

Temple of the White Tiger

Sha of Anger

Sri-La Village

Tian Monastery

The Arboretum

The Arboretum 2

Serpent's Heart

The Heartland


Shadow Pan Monastery

Krasarang Wilds



Oil Painted Panoramas

I saw a post on r/wow a little while back where a user had taken a great shot in Pandaria and thrown the CS6 Oil filter over the top. It looked pretty good, so I decided to give a few of my shots the same treatment.

I actually really like this filter – its so simple, yet it provides some really striking effects. Have a look and see what you think!

Stonetalon Oil

Illidan Oil

Grizzlemaw Oil

Lakeshire Oil

General Vezaxx Oik

Halls of Reflection Oil

Oil End Time


Ragnaros Defeated

We finally killed Rags last night!

After a frustrating learning curve on the 2nd sons spawn we managed a solid run into the final phase and played a bit of tennis with the meteors to seal the kill.

Of course a meteor was accidentally punted into a group of 3 right at the death meaning a nervy 10 seconds of so was seen out before the kill.  Annnd right at the end Engulfing Flames spawned right on top of me, so I popped AMS and ran into the lava!  Still it worked, he died and we had 3 (yep count them, 1,2,3) raid members alive when he died.

But a first kill is a first kill right?  We were stoked, our hunter and shaman especially who came away with a shiny new bow and helm respectively.  All up, props to my guildies who hung in there week after week – we made it in the end!

Till next time,


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